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INESAP has established itself as a respected counterpart to other profession-oriented NGOs, such as IPPNW and IALANA. INESAP differs from other scientific organizations working on nuclear disarmament in its unique combination of research, networking and action. In particular, it brings tohether scientists with little experience with arms control issues and experienced researchers to conduct joint projects. This aspect is particularly important as INESAP encourages participation from all over the world.

For those scientists already engaged in non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament research, INESAP can provide assistance by helping to publish and coordinate their work. For these researchers, INESAP serves as a networking and information resource. It also works to enhance networking between these scientists, non-governmental organizations and regional groups.

For those scientists with little or no experience regarding arms control or disarmament issues INESAP can provide information to get informed and the possibility to contact experienced researchers to conduct joint projects. INESAP encourages scientists and engineers to get involved and is open to all who wish to participate.