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Nuclear Weapons Convention

Nuclear Weapons Convention

In 1996, three non-governmental organizations - IALANA, INESAP, and IPPNW - drafted a model Nuclear Weapons Convention "outlining what a nuclear weapons convention could look like and exploring the roads to a nuclear-weapons-free world." Costa Rica submitted the mNWC to the United Nations Secretary General in 1997 (UN Doc. A/C.1/52/7).

In April 2007, at the Prepatory Committee meeting of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the three organizations launched a revised version of the mNWC, which has been introduced to the United Nations General Assembly by Costa Rica and Malaysia (UN DOC A/62/650). In their accompanying letter dated Dec. 17, 2007, the two countries explain that "This revised model takes into account relevant technical, legal and political developments since 1997. ... It is submitted as a work in progress setting forth legal, technical and political elements for the establishment and maintenance of a nuclear-weapon--free world."

The PDF files of the updated mNWC (2007) can be downloaded as follows:

For more information, check out the book "Securing OurSurvival".

The PDF files of the 1996 version can be downloaded as follows: