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Open Letter to President Obama

On the initiative of INESAP  and INES, today twelve Nobel Prize Laureates and a former Under-Secretary General of the United Nations addressed US President Barack Obama. In an open letter they remind President Obama of his promise to seek a world in which there are no nuclear weapons. Pointing to the shortfalls of the existing international regime for nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament, Sir Harold Kroto (Nobel Prize for Chemistry), Member of the Advisory Board of INES, and his co-signers remind Barack Obama of the recent suggestion by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to use the existing Model Nuclear Weapons Convention as a starting point for the path into a nuclear weapons free world.
The Model Nuclear Weapons Conventions suggests a concrete roadmap for the abolition of nuclear weapons and includes measures to ensure, inter alia, that the road to zero can be verified; that nuclear-weapons-usable materials are secured; and that nuclear warheads, nuclear weapons facilities, and nuclear weapons delivery vehicles are destroyed.